Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre offers a holistic and pedagogues focused approach that is an evidence-based practice of which is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children in their early childhood. We believe that our philosophy must drive our practice, and we have based our philosophy on factual evidence, distinguished theorists and neurological science thus allowing us to create a learning environment designed for success. We appreciate the research and beliefs of the United Nations Convention of the rights of a child (1989) and implement these ideals throughout our service.

“all children have the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives” -UNCRC

We at Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre appreciate and recognise the validity of neurological-science in early years education, each child has a unique genetic blue print, and these genetics can be greatly impacted by their environment, studies reveal that the most important environmental influence on a child’s genetic expression is during the early childhood years, as informed by Bass and Walker (2015).

“The beginning of something is always important, especially when it is young and needs time”. -Plato

We are advocates for children’s emotional intelligence, and firmly believe in the importance of a child’s self-worth and sense of agency. We provide a series of approved curriculum based experiences to foster and enhance each child’s potential, as well as recognising the importance of play based learning whilst emphasising on the importance of relationships and interactions between children and more knowledgeable peers and adults, we believe that children’s ‘cognitive understanding is enriched and deepened when ‘scaffolded’ by parents, teachers and peers’.