We are surrounded by natural beauty and promote the connection to our natural world through sustainability and our Bush Kinder Programs. This includes growing our own veggies, looking after our animals we have at the centre, resourcing natural materials found within our 2 acres of natural environment and many more…. The children are taught to feel connected to their land and learn responsibility through these learning experiences.

We work in partnership with Springview Farm. The program is available to all our children and consists of regular farm visits. This is a Paddock to Plate program in which our children are educated first hand on biodiversity, responsibilities of harvesting the food we eat, baking with the produce they have picked and also fun and adventure which comes hand in hand with farm life. We call this program “Little Joeys Community Garden”

Our children are taught through the Kathy Walker Learning Program. This allows their educators to observe their learning and development in a more professional manner thus enabling our team to promote learning in areas that may need more support.

We are proud to be an Exceeding Early Learning Centre and we have an amazing community base. Our children are not only part of our local community but take part in fund raisers to promote a greater understanding of our wider community. Our children take part in “Dreaming” sessions, these are stories told from our country’s history. We also encourage wellbeing through meditation and positive affirmations as well as yoga and have a “Tinkers and Thinkers” program (2020) in which children take part in a woodwork shop using materials gathered from our land.

Our centre consists of 4 rooms:

Babies Room 6 weeks to 2 years.

Our focus in the Babies Room is to promote independence and ensure each child individual needs and continuous development are achieved. Children at this age love to discover, We promote this by supporting them within their natural environment, introducing activities and experiences that will allow them to feel confident and curious as well as ensuring the same educators are teaching them each day to promote safe and secure relationships.  Our Babies will also take part in our Bush Babies Program. This exposes them to the great outdoors and allows them to discover their senses through outdoor play.

Toddlers Room 2 years to 3 years.

Our toddlers are encouraged to gain life skills, promote health and well-being, communicate effectively, and develop their own identity through a holistic approach to learning within a warm, caring, and educational environment. Within their class our children are encouraged to explore and promote independence skills and build friendships. Our children take part in the Bush Wanderers Program. This allows them to connect to their outdoor environment. They are encouraged to take healthy risks within the “Big Garden” and begin to learn structure more than routine.

Pre-Kinder 3 years to 4 years.

Our aim is to provide a caring and safe environment where children initiate willingness to grow and learn though play based experiences and are positively guided and encouraged by nurturing and professional educators. Wellbeing and positive influences are promoted within this program. S.T.E.A.M experiences are part of their everyday learning and our children are encouraged to be part of their team through group discussions, ideas, and teamwork. Our P.K kids take part in our Tinkers and Thinkers Program. This allows them to discuss and implement current projects as well as learn hands on skills within the woodwork shop. The also experience our Barefoot Bandits Program which is an outdoor class ran by our Bush Kinder Teacher.

Kindergarten 4 years to 5 years.

Our kinder program is a stimulating environment which encourages children to think for themselves, make reasonable choices and prepare for school. Our kinder teacher is welcoming, caring and promotes each child’s individual strengths as well as expands their current interests into the program.  Our Kinder Kids have their own outdoor learning environment, this is promoted through the program being run outdoors whatever the weather. Our children are exposed to our ponies and Vinny our goat daily. They understand the responsibilities they have in protecting their environment and keeping it green and clean. Our children experience hands on learning at our local farm. This could be from watching the honey being harvested to walking across the local rolling hills of Narre Warren East. Our kinder’s take part in the Little Joeys Community garden every two weeks.