Little Joey’s Early Learning centre Newsletter

Welcome to the Little Joeys Early Learning Centre Newsletter

This newsletter is to keep you updated on some of the things we have done since our last newsletter, as well keeping you up to date on some of the things we have planned in the next few months that you may like to get involved with, such as our Spring Market.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________________________

A lot has been happening since our last newsletter as we have been improving our learning environment, both inside and out, by adding some things for our children.


One of the big things we have added is a full enclosure for our children to view and pet our animals. The children love their new friends as well as being involved in taking responsibility for the day to day care of the animals.

You may have also noticed the improvements to the babies’ outdoor area with the addition of a new slide and in the forthcoming months we will be improving this even further with the construction of a new scramble area and Pirate themed sand pit.


There has also been improvements to the outdoor garden with the addition of a seating area to make the experience more enjoyable. All this could not have been done without the help of Andrew, so please feel free to thank him if you see him around the Centre.

Another big movement we have been embracing has been Sustainability. We have been very happy with everyone’s response to our ideas to help us achieve better sustainability here at the Little Joey’s Early Learning Centre.

A simple example of how we have been trying to achieve this has been by using recyclable products in our craft making. We have also pleased Michelle, our Cook, with the contributions from our chickens and our vegi patch in supplying some of our produce used in our meals, all of which is regularly collected by our children.

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To try and promote sustainability even more, we have had Lee Fuller at the Centre giving a presentation on how we can implement more sustainability at our Centre and in our own lives. Lee is part of the Emerald for Sustainability organisation (EmFSus) and since her talk we have introduced a worm farm and a compost bin.


We are currently into winter, so we have a few ideas that you may like to be involved in moving forward into Spring and Summer so keep your eyes on the Notice Board or ask our any of our staff for further information of what is happening.

We have Ondine Childs presenting on duty of care in the childcare industry. Ondine is a practicing Lawyer who has worked in child protection in Australia and is discussing things such as child protocol.

However, the main event we are currently planning for is the Spring Market that we are looking at holding in September. The market will be held on the back paddock and this market is open to all Parents and Families. We are hoping for a good response from Parents and Families as we would like to make this an annual event here at Little Joeys Early Learning Centre. We believe that this is a great opportunity for anyone who may have their own business and would like to promote themselves in the local community. Please also see this as an opportunity to get rid of some unwanted or extra things around the home by having a stall.

Look out for further information about upcoming events or ask our staff for further details.


We would also like to give a special mention to Green Circle Plant Nursery at 1 Halford Street, Beaconsfield Upper for kindly donating a variety of indigenous plants and grasses that the children enjoyed planting in our garden.


Thank you for all your support on behalf of all the Staff here at Little Joeys Early Learning Centre